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Starting a startup needs a lot more than a vision, the mission is daunting, and you need a plethora of skills and people to bring the product to live. Searching and shopping around for all those is time consuming and exhausting. The need of the time is a partner who has the adequate resource and infrastructure and has done it time and again.
Product Market fit
Product design
Funding assistance
Project management
Competitor analysis

We give you the unfair advantage before the Angel Investors, VC’s kick in

Gone are the days when you could raise funds just by sharing your idea with the Angel Investor over a cup of coffee. Angels, VC’s today want to see a real working product with users generating revenue. Getting to this point is itself a long journey. Trying to find a product market fit, nailing the product design, hire mobile and web developers, designers, sign up for servers and other IT infrastructures, building and testing the MVP and iterating on it is stressful and demanding and can put a sever strain on your financial resources.

Codelogicx with its years of expertise in handholding and partnering with Startups knows exactly what you are going through. We jump in and take on a lot of those responsibilities and give you room to breathe and free up your time so that you can work on more focused things.

Partnering with firm belief and commitment

Being a bootstrapped company and having started our own startups we know its hard and lonely. We partner with founders who truly intend to solve a problem and are looking for help and extra hands.

We waive off a part of our service fee to invest in your startup as sweat equity to demonstrate our commitment and partner with you in the entire journey.

Startup success stories


L-Pesa is a progressive finance service that is transforming financial inclusion around the world. Through L-Pesa it is possible for anyone with a mobile device to access microfinance services, through loans.