Cloud Infrastructure

Balancing performance, availability and responsiveness at Web scale

In any modern digital transformation or implementation, a cloud centric approach is at the center of great customer experience and accelerates adoption and innovation. Ensuring high availability and instant scalability is key to managing web scale applications.

AWS | Azure | Google Cloud Services

Codelogicx with its deep experience in the leading cloud providers AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform can be the partner you always to be with to kickstart your cloud journey. With years of experience in implementing cloud solutions for organizations small and large, Codelogicx provides robust and cost saving solutions leading to increased productivity.

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Immediate gains and long term benefits

Cloud adoption have a number of immediate short-term gains and long-term advantages as we witnessed across a number of implementations.

Improvement in security

Ability to setup the security in a fine-tuned way and with overall visibility of the security situations allows the customer to take preventive and reactive actions more promptly.

Cost efficiency

Being able to launch and terminate cloud resources on demand allowed our clients to achieve significant cost savings over their previous hosting platforms.

Scalability and improved availability

Solutions built by Codelogicx on public clouds helped our customers to scale their applications very rapidly when needed and also improved the availability of the application with zero down time.

Disaster recovery

Businesses need to be online 24x7, however downtimes and malfunctions are hard to predict in advance. A robust cloud disaster recovery policy enables you to recover and operate with minimal downtime and no loss of data.

Codelogicx cloud services

Codelogicx offers a plethora of cloud services for startups looking to get their MVP off the ground to mature enterprises looking to start their cloud journey.

  • Cloud migration – Codelogicx provides on premise to cloud migration, data migration, application migration with mature and well-defined processes.
  • Architecture consulting – Codelogicx helps customers to identify process and application that can provide better performance when moved to cloud, and helps with the selection of Cloud vendor, and do the migration.
  • Implementation and turnkey operation – A dedicated team of cloud engineers defines the implementation blueprint and executes the implementation and sets up process for 24x7 turnkey operation.
  • Cloud Optimization – Our team of engineers take a deep look at your application and provide valuable insights and reports on where and how to optimize on cloud costs. Our team also ensures that the new cloud implementations for our clients are highly cost optimized.
  • Scaling and availability consulting – Codelogicx help you to do capacity planning in advance and identify the right resources to scale at an optimal cost. This ensures optimum utilization of bandwidth, CPU, disk space. Our engineers can also architect resilient cloud architecture for new applications which can quickly scale up and down.
  • Security and compliance – Our team of security engineers ensure that all system have proper security safeguards and monitoring and helps you to achieve HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR compliances for your platform.

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