Work – and Your Life AT CODELOGICX

Life at Codelogicx means work smarter not harder. We believe in having peoples who are smart, determined and want to lead the change. It very important for us that peoples we have share same mission and vision for the company. At Codelogicx we believe in solving complex problems every day, ask ourselves everyday how we can improve at something. We encourage peoples to speak up, share your ideas and opinions. We strive hard to cut out formalities and rigidity and promote an open culture.

Work at Codelogicx

At Codelogicx we believe employees are the mascots of the company and they define the identity, DNA and culture of the company. We believe employees delivers best when they are happy about themselves and where they are. We give opportunity to employees to re-define themselves, break barriers and challenge pre-conceived notions about themselves.

We encourage them to lead the change and work on ideas and projects that are meaningful and touch other people's life. To make the best of the work environment with available resources we offer the following:

  • Mon – Friday office, 9.3 hours (10 a.m to 7.30 p.m is the official timing) with a one hour lunch break.
  • Competitive salary, annual increments, with a separate annual bonus based on performance.
  • Salary on 1st of month (Unless it's a holiday). Since our inception we have been doing it
  • Best hardware and office facility, high end machine with large screen and a high end working chair.
  • A pleasant working environment with a small but smart and advanced team.
  • Flat hierarchies and short decision paths.

Career growth at Codelogicx

At Codelogicx its one of our key efforts that our employee talent and abilities grow. Here we don't take our employee only as a resource to be billed for at clients end. Codelogicx actively seeks out what things somebody is good at and actively nurtures it. We actively encourage our employees to keep up with current and emerging technologies and also offer opportunity them to invest time to specialize in certain technologies. We believe growth in skills and abilities not only bring a satisfaction to themselves but also to peoples around them and bring out a positive outlook. Here at Codelogicx you will find mentors who will guide you in your career and will also provide you constructive feedback in your progress. Here are few things we offer at Codelogicx from growth opportunity perspective

Opportunity to lean new and emerging web technologies

Learn and work on new programming language Python/Scala/Go

Opportunity to invest time in re-visiting fundamental CS theories

Invest in new software tools and services as per employee's recommendation

Expenses paid opportunity to attend local technology seminars

Well stocked bookshelf and e-book archive to enrich knowledge

Fun and activities at Codelogicx

Codelogicx believe in a happy and productive workplace. A happy and fun work place brings out the best in employees. To achieve this we make conventional and unconventional efforts to make it fun to work at Codelogicx.

  • Picnic
    We go to picnic twice a year. Company pays for it
  • Lunch outings
    Lunch outings and occasional movies
  • Birthday celebrate
    Birthday parties at office
  • Taking up hobbies
    We advocate taking up hobbies during weekend or free time

Conveniences at Codelogicx

We believe in providing convenience to our employees as much as possible so they are able to work effectively. Some conveniences we provide at the moment are:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Early leaves for working mothers
  • In house staffs available to help you to deposit your electricity bill, send out a courier, bring some stuff etc
  • Opportunity to re-join company after maternity leave
  • Snacks in the evening

What’s your challenge?

Let’s create the awesome together.