“From an outlier to an evolving mainstream”

Codelogicx adopted a pragmatic approach to machine learning. ML projects were side projects at Codelogicx initially, but soon became mainstream functions across some of the major industry verticals Codelogicx works on.

A robust structured framework

We follow mostly a classical approach, but sometimes unorthodox techniques are not bad too.

Data is the new oil, Machine Learning is the new electricity

Credit scoring of users:

We used hundreds of data point per person and built a credit risk profile for a person, and disbursed loans according to the risk profile.

Text analysis and filtering:

We do text analysis of gigabytes of data everyday to do sentiment analysis, filter out violence, hate, racist contents.

Real time video analytics:

Our real time video analytics works include ALPR for vehicles moving in and out of housing societies. Detecting pets without owners. Detecting suspicious movements on a property.

Recommender systems:

We built recommender systems to help people choose activity groups to join matching their taste.

Tools of trade