Digitalizing the Manufacturing Landscape with Codelogicx

Industrial manufacturing is a major growth sector. To thrive in a fast-changing world and to address the critical challenges, manufacturing clients need a complete manufacturing software solution to manage revenue growth, margins, inventory, costs, M&A, product lifecycle, customers, sales and operations.

Codelogicx helps manufacturing clients merge technology and business strategy to effectively manage suppliers, partners, products, sales and customers.

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Supply Chain Management

Fulfilling enterprise-grade Supply Chain with Hyperledger Blockchain. It improves traceability and transparency, real-time tracking, faster transactions through a ledger that’s updated and validated instantaneously with each network participant.

Product Lifecycle Management

Diverse distributors, certifying authorities, shorter time to market requirements, quality and regulatory needs are some of the key challenges faced by manufacturing organizations. An in-depth domain knowledge enables Codelogicx to offer customized sustainable solutions for simplifying processes along with seamless integration with other enterprise systems, ensuring compliance to industry standards and regulations and responding to market demands faster.

Warehouse Management

Reliable and efficient inventory management to track how many items are currently in your warehouse. Optimizes picking and shipping of orders, right from generating labels, QR code and barcode scanning to packing, delivery and payments.

Scheduling and Task Management

Share scope statements, plans, schedules and share task lists with people to reduce lead time. Active reminders to remind your users of their tasks via email.

Accounting and Financial

Reporting and summarizing financial transactions for the external and internal users of your organization, provides real-time visibility and end-to-end management of revenue and cash flow, and streamlines billing processes.

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